5667 Timeline



Students and educators band together to start a FIRST Robotics team: Team 5667 a.k.a. Team AIR (All In Robotics)


FRC Challenge: Recycle Rush


Students, having built a functioning robot in 6 weeks, compete in regional competitions, thus earning awards:

  • Buckeye Regional Competition - Rookie Inspiration Award

  • Queen City Regional Competition – Rookie All Star Award & Rookie Seed Award

Through the Rookie All Star Award the team qualified for the 2015 FIRST World Championship in St. Louis, MO.


Early in the off-season the team competed in the CORI off-season invitational.

At the start of the new school year the team inducted new members. In order to further the reach of STEM in their community, the team participated in outreach events:

  • Volunteering at the local Farmer's Market

  • Hosting an Hour of Code event for young students

Additionally, the team held fundraising events:


FRC Challenge: Stronghold


Having built a working robot in 6 weeks, team members competed in regional competitions:

  • Queen City Regional

  • Buckeye Regional

Also, the team introduced another fundraising event, the first annual ice cream sale, at their school.

Additionally the team took part of their local Founder's Day Parade.

At the end of the season the team hosted an end of year banquet to celebrate their successes and an open house to showcase the team to prospective team members.


After a successful open house, the team gained more members. To give new members an opportunity to experience competitions the team competed in the CORI Invitational for a second year.

To acclimate the new members to working in a team environment and raise money for next season's endeavors the team created their first annual haunted house fundraiser.

They also continued with their online auction


FRC CHallenge: Steamworks


After having built a robot in 6 weeks, the team once again the team competed at regional competitions:

  • Miami Valley Regional (formerly known as the Queen City Regional)

  • Buckeye Regional

After an enthusiastic response to the ice cream sale in the previous year the team once again continued its reign of success.

The team also took part in the Founder's Day Parade for the second year in a row.


Once again the team participated in CORI after gaining new members.

Members contributed to the community be volunteering at:

  • The New Albany Walking Classic

  • The local Farmer's Market

Finally, to fund raise the team continued their annual events:


FRC Challenge: Power Up


After designing and building a robot in 6 weeks, the team once again competed in regional competitions:

  • Miami Valley Regional (formerly known as the Queen City Regional)

  • Buckeye Regional

At the Buckeye Regional, team member, Manasa Akella was awarded Dean's List Finalist.

The annual ice cream sale continued as the team's first fundraising event of the year.

They also continued their tradition of taking part in their local Founder's Day Celebration.


To start the offseason the team volunteered at their local farmers market as well as the New Albany Walking Classic.

Additionally, the team continued their annual haunted house fundraiser.


The Digital Eagles geared up for build season by doing even more outreach! We helped at the New Albany Food Pantry and were the first club ever to present at the New Albany High School Curriculum Night!


FRC Challenge: Destination: Deep Space


After designing and building a robot in just 6 weeks the team traveled to Dayton to participate in the Miami Valley Regional. There, they ranked 20th out of a competitive field of 60 other robots and won runner-up for the Safety Award.

The Digital Eagles will soon be traveling to Buckeye regional (hosted at Cleveland State University) and we’ve made some really dogged efforts to give us the green light over the competition! More info to come on 3/27/19, our first day at Buckeye.